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City: Long Beach, CA


Media Manager - Hybrid ( Long Beach, CA)


  • Work with fun loving yet hard working individuals! We’re a team not just as an agency, but also as a dragon boat race team, community volunteer team, LGBTQ marching team and much much more!

  • Got a furry friend at home that you’ll miss? Bring them to work with you! We have multiple four-legged ambassadors at our offices to welcome you both.

  • Want to give back to the community? Intertrend is not just about making a profit, we are also here to make a difference! Join us on our various volunteering programs and opportunities. Be an agent of change!

  • Like to branch out to different tasks to learn and grow? There’s always projects on hand seeking volunteers, you can always seek out challenges that’ll help shape you!

About the role

The Media Manager leads the strategy, creation and activation of paid media campaigns, spanning all paid channels, delivering the desired outcomes for our team. This role is vital in delivering and implementing strategy through insightful media plans and recommendations.

The Media Manager leads full funnel paid media development and planning for all digital and traditional media. Must have in-depth knowledge of digital channels particularly programmatic, CTV/OTT and paid social as part of an evolving innovative digital media plan.

Reporting to

This role will report to the Associate Media Director and will be responsible to maintain and steward media plans while managing media planners.

Media Planning/Execution

  • Lead the development, negotiation, implementation, tracking, and optimization of online media buys, including but not limited to, Facebook, TikTok, programmatic, linear TV and direct publishers

  • Oversee media planners to ensure that media plans are being designed and executed in a well-thought out manner, gathering all of the research needed to choose tactics and plans designed to hit specific client KPIs, falling within client budget

  • Work closely with the media buying team on the overall agency planning/buying process, ensuring planners and buyers are working together seamlessly and efficiently for the best client outcomes.

  • Manage and maintain media flowcharts with accurate data and most up to date media plans

  • Oversee pacing sheets for budget and delivery / spend management.

  • Maintain campaign timelines related to media deliverables.

  • Works collaboratively across departments (strategy, creative, client leadership etc.) to develop the strategic design for innovative media plans

  • Fosters strong agency-vendor relations to develop comprehensive media plans that successfully accomplish client goals

  • Consistently bring new media and technology ideas to the team for application and brainstorming while also helping ensure that the media team continues to feel connected to the larger media community

  • Stimulates team productivity and growth by allocation of assignments which combine to make productive and effective use of each person’s skills, as well as motivating their interests and challenging their minds

  • Work on new business pitches, researching audiences, developing a media approach and presenting your findings to prospective clients.


  • A four year college degree or equivalent in Field

  • 3+ years media planning experience

  • Strong analytical skills, mathematical abilities with accuracy and attention to detail required

  • Demonstrated presentation and writing skills

  • Experience in working with automobile clients is highly desirable

  • Experience in multicultural marketing is preferred, but not required

  • Full service agency experience preferred, but not required

  • Technical proficiency, particularly with media systems (DV360, GWI, MRI, Nielsen (NMI), Prisma)

  • MS Office: Internet Explorer, Excel, Word and PowerPoint



  • Excel
  • MRI
  • DV360
  • Prisma) MS Office: Internet Explorer
  • Nielsen (NMI)
  • Word and PowerPoint
  • Full service agency experience preferred
  • GWI


Type of Contract

Full time


Between US$80,000.00 and US$100,000.00 per year

Other Information