Intertrend | Senior Marketing Analyst
Intertrend Senior Marketing Analyst

Senior Marketing Analyst

Job ID: 2145255

City: Long Beach, CA


● Analyze research on consumers, major competitors, and target markets to make a

strategic marketing decision for clients to reach the Chinese American and other Asian

American segments and grow business within Asian American markets.

● Identify the appropriate traditional and digital marketing channels to create marketing

campaigns that align with client’s objectives. Develop measurement plans (KPIs) to

evaluate the campaign success.

● Deploy digital platforms (DV360/Google Campaign Manager, Adobe Analytics and

Facebook Ad Managers) to track and measure day-to-day data and utilize data analysis

tools to identify trends and areas of opportunity.

● Utilize analysis of digital and traditional marketing performance to optimize media

budget, creative and media strategy and tactics. Ensure accurate campaign data and the

campaign goals are achieved - delivering effective and efficiency for client ROI.

● Convert all research and data analysis into insights and recommendations in a

visualizable format. Produce media plan presentation, performance reports and ad hoc

reports to internal teams and clients on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis depending on

the projects.

● Maintain a deep understanding of Chinese American and multicultural Asian American

media landscape.

● Maintain close communication with Asian American media vendors, partner agencies,

and internal teams, including Accounting, Creative, Media, and Strategic Planning for a

coordinated campaign execution.

A master’s degree in marketing or advertising and one (1) year of experience as marketing analyst, or closely related position.



  • Proficiency in spoken and written Mandarin Chinese required.


  • Chinese (Traditional)


Type of Contract

Full time



Other Information

This position requires education background